Winston and Naomi

These two are just the cutest bunnies you will ever see. Winston is the little Polish Dwarf and he just loves his girl Naomi and she loves him. they are about 5 years old and were supposed to be with us for only a couple of months while their human moved and sad to say she just could not take them back.


Timmy is a sweet bunny who was bonded with his lovely sister, Ollie. Ollie has passed and since he is an older bunny, we feel it’s best he stays in an familiar environment where he feels safe and secure.  He is well loved and will live out his days doted on by our director.


Hi everyone, I’m Ruby and I was in bad shape when I was taken to a non rabbit vet in St. Augustine with some serious teeth issues. My family told her to euthanize me as they didn’t want to take me anywhere else. Good thing for me they called GRR.   I’m about 9 years old and I need to have some vet visits for the rest of my life to make sure my remaining teeth are ok as well as a bit of a trim on one or two of them.

Karl & Molly

Karl & Molly

Karl is a male New Zealand and his girl Molly is a Florida White. They are about 18 months now. They were found loose in Orange Park but are now safe and sound in rescue. They love each other very much and it shows. Karl is the friendlier of the two. Molly tends to be a bit shy until she gets to know you. But both are sweet buns that are great litter box users.