Bun of the Month - Pandi


Bunny of the month is Pandi. She is a lionhead mix, almost 5 years old. Pandi was adopted a few years ago and just never did well in the home. Her adoptive mom was ok with her, however, she had to leave for 1 year and the dad just couldn’t handle her. Pandi is a bunny who needs an experienced rabbit person. She would make a great companion to an older boy bunny.

Bun of the Month - Famous and Amos

Famous and Amos

Famous and Amos are wonderful, friendly, sweet and just nice all around great bunnies. As of May of 2017, they are fairly young and still learning what the world around them is like. They would do great in any home and they only issue you will ever have with these two brothers is who do I pet and love on first. Please consider these two REW’s and help make their rescue complete by giving them a home.

* Birthday: ~ December 15, 2016
* Weight:
Famous: 4.5lbs
Amos: 4.4lbs

Bun of the Month - Harry

Harry’s mom and dad were rescued by a very nice family in Orange Park and within three days Molly (the mom) gave birth to ten babies. Of the ten only eight survived and Harry was one of them. Harry is very sweet, affectionate and a very nice rabbit. He is a little shy when he first meets you, but he warms up after a little bit. Harry would do great in almost any home, he is good with his litter box and would love to find his new home soon.

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