BUNFEST 2015 !!

*** We hope to see you this Saturday @ Bunfest 2015! ***


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Food Drive @ Petsmart for Local Rescues !

GRR Food DriveGreat News! PetSmart Charities is sponsoring a Pet Food Drive for local rescues!! Below is a list of Petsmart items that the bunnies could really use. Just let the cashiers know the items are for GRR at checkout.
Thank you so much for supporting local rescues and making a difference in the lives of these rescued bunnies!

- Kaytee Timothy Pellets (Alfalfa-free)
– Timothy Hay
– Vitakraft Nibble Ring Treats
– Feline Pine Pellets [Fragrance Free, Pellets Only]
– Sisal balls
– Rabbit Toys
– Grass Matts

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Australian Domestic Bunnies in Danger :: Sign Petition

Below is an article from the Mercury News site based in Australia. We have been asked by a rescue there to spread the word about this situation. A vaccine has been created that is able to prevent Myxomatosis, a fatal disease that effects bunnies, but their government is refusing to make it available. Please read the article below and then click on this Petition Link to help put an end to these unnecessary deaths.

A TASMANIAN animal sanctuary that specializes in rescuing rabbits from meat farms has been hit by the deadly myxomatosis virus.

Big Ears Sanctuary co-owner Jacqui Steele with a rabbit infected with myxomatosis at LongBig Ears Sanctuary co-owner Jacqui Steele said she discovered two rabbits with symptoms of the disease at the Longford property on Tuesday and a vet confirmed they had contracted the contagious virus, which has a 98 per cent death rate.

Mrs Steele discovered five more sick rabbits yesterday and has grave fears for the rest of her more than 200 rabbits.

“These rabbits had already been through so much before we rescued them, so this is just really unfair,’’ she said.

“It is also so frustrating for us because we desex all our rabbits and vaccinate them against calicivirus but we can’t protect them from myxo ­because, even through a vaccine is available, the Australian Government won’t allow us access to it because it claims the immunity could be passed to the wild population.’’

Mrs Steele said the vaccine ban meant all domestic rabbits were at risk of the virus. “Rabbits are the third most popular pet in Australia and it doesn’t matter how vigilant owners are, their rabbit, even if kept inside, can contract this disease from mosquitoes,’’ she said.

“If this was happening to dogs or cats there would be outrage, but no one seems to be standing up for the bunnies.’’

Mrs Steele said there were ways the vaccine could be made available without ­impacting on myxo as a wild rabbit control measure. “If the vaccine was only available through vets for ­de-sexed rabbits that would prevent escaped domestic rabbits from mating with wild rabbits and creating wild myxo-resistant bunnies,” she said.

“Refusing domestic rabbit owners access to the vaccine is an unreasonable and archaic position.’’

Mrs Steele, who runs the sanctuary even though she is fighting terminal cancer, said the outbreak was a heartbreaking blow.

“There is no cure and no treatment — all we can do is euthanize the bunnies as the virus is confirmed because otherwise they face a cruel horrible death which can take up to two weeks — so for us it is a waiting game,’’ she said.

Myxomatosis symptoms:

 ■ Runny and swollen eyes

■ Hot and swollen ears

■ Swollen genitals

■ Lethargy

Petition Link:

Source: http://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/deadly-myxomatosis-virus-hits-big-ears-sanctuary-at-longford/story-fnj4f7k1-1227305121147
Image: Big Ears Sanctuary co-owner Jacqui Steele with a rabbit infected with myxomatosis at Longford. Picture: CHRIS KIDD
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We love our Volunteers!

Check out the article one of our awesome volunteers wrote!
Janani Kumaran’s article was featured in the program brochure of the India Fest and Health Fair. The fair was organized by India Cultural & Education Center and took place last month.
We are so grateful to have the support of Janani and her family. She is an inspiration and an example to us all in how to give back and go the extra mile. We thank you, Janani!Janani Volunteer

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