Hoppy Endings

Our goal at the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue is to find a “Hoppy Ending” for every bun. Each bunny that comes through the rescue has a special place in our hearts. Here are some updates and stories on some of the rabbits who have found a furever home or that are way too remarkable to leave out. Enjoy!

 :: Luca :: [formerly Ellen]
EllenShe is just snug as a bug with her little bunny bed. She sleeps in it at night next to us. It’s so fun. She is being treated like a queen and has already brought so much joy to my life. Thank you for rescuing her and allowing me to provide her with a perfect life that every animal deserves. Hope to stay in touch. Thanks!!!

:: DIGBY ::

Digby and his brother now living the high life.  Look at that palace!
Digby Collage_______________________________________________________________________________
:: Charlie ::

img_6168-1Charlie is WONDERFUL. We just love him so much, really happy he found us :) He makes us laugh with his flying side kicks and his bossy attitude :) I think we would like to meet Philly, just let us know the when and where. Thank you!img_6190
::: Jefferson :::
Jefferson was one of the babies rescued from a hoarder with 5 brothers and sisters. He now lives the good life on the East Coast, munching frozen blackberries and hogging the couch.  :)
Jefferson Bpart_1470532199196_img_20160806_210909________________________________________________________________________________

::: Dru :::
Happy New Year to all the volunteers and bunnies at GRR!

dru-christmasIn August we moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama because David got a job at the University of Alabama and Dru is therefore now a Bama-Bunny! Dru was a bit unsure about the new place to start with, but now he’s doing very well. We let him out in the living room whenever we are home and he loves it, he’s racing around the coffee table and likes to stretch out by our feet when we’re watching a movie at night. He also listens to the command “house” and pops back into his cage when we’re going out.
Currently he is in Orlando, celebrating Christmas with David and his mum. David’s mum was a bit questioning towards us having a rabbit at first, but now she loves when Dru comes to visit, says he’s a “good listener” and even gave him a Christmas stocking (image attached) and an envelope with money for carrots and bananas!
We miss GRR and haven’t found anything like it in Alabama. I remember Kathy once told us rabbits have come to GRR from as far as Tennessee. For any volunteers trying to save rabbits by driving so far, please let them know they have a place in Tuscaloosa. We’ve got a spare room and would be happy to house any volunteers/rabbits that needs a break along the way for free.
With best wishes for the new year,
Johanna, David and Dru


:::  Squeaks  :::

christmas-card-2016-1We adopted Squeaks the guinea pig at the end of July. When we started out with him he was very skittish & bite us a lot. Over the last few months, through patience and love, Squeaks loves to cuddle, he doesn’t bite as much, and he is not bothered by sounds too much anymore. He has made good friends with our other guinea pig Copper. Now that Squeaks has become part of our family, we can’t imagine a life without him.
Sarah & Christopher Abramson

::  Honey Bunny Mama &  Mini Me  ::

honey-bunny-mini-me-collageHello! We were lucky enough to adopt two wonderful bunnies (mother/daughter bonded pair) from you guys a couple of months ago…just wanted to take the time to say they’re doing great.  They’ve adapted very well and our two cats have welcomed them to the family with no problems.  They get to run around the apartment every single day, getting to “binky” all over the place.  Thank you so much for helping us pick the perfect pair for our family.  It was well worth the two hour drive to Gainesville to adopt from such a wonderful place.

-Anne, Buster and Ella

::  RICO  ::
rico-collageHi Kathy, Rico is just the best!  Perfect (bathroom) manners, comes when he’s called and just loves to be around people. You and your team do such awesome work and socialize the rabbits to be wonderful companions.  Oh, and did I mention he likes to be picked up…?  I have never had a bun like him! We love him…and his pink eyes are beautiful!  ~ Cindy

:: Pandora :: [formerly Adora]
:: Snookie ::

Now forever loved in Cincinnati. :)

:: Stitch and Mochi ::

twinsiesHi there! I wanted to give you an update on Stitch and Mochi (who has been renamed as Squeegee). They’re settling in great and getting along well with everyone. They love their veggies! I’ve also attached some photos of playtime, which you can share with their previous family if you wish.
Thank you again for all your help in making them a part of our family. Hope you have a great week!  Best,  Erica


:: Brownie ::

IMG_2357Hi Kathy,

Brownie is doing great! She is a busy, busy girl & she has gotten Franko moving around a lot more. She loves exploring any new room & especially loves when the weather is nice & I leave the sunroom door opened to the screened porch. Attached are a couple of photos of the buns.

Thanks for all you do for the rabbits!


Jasper [formerly Berry]
Berry CollageLook how big he is now, came in as a tiny little guy and was going to be set free when he wasn’t chosen as a prize at a carnival. He is truly a lucky boy to have a great home and someone who loves him.
:: Beatrix ::  [formerly Bianca]

Hi,  I adopted Bianca several weeks ago and she is doing great in her new home & wanted to send some pictures. I renamed her Beatrix and she is getting along great with my cat and settled in really quickly. She is a great additioimage3n to the family, thank you!!!
:: Sweet Baby James ::


:: Promise & Martin ::

:: Gator ::
Celty & Maddie

:: Peter :: [formerly Twinkle]
Twinkle CollageFrom being abandoned in Key West to living the good life in Tallahassee.

::: Gator :::
Gator CollageIt is a gorgeous day here and you and Adrianna were on my mind.

Here are some photos from today and Gator is always in the center of our day!

Neither my husband or I can walk by him without a pet and he is always happy to take.
We just cannot get over his sweet personality and what a blessing he has brought to us.
As always, thanks to you and Adrianna for what you do and for giving this special little guy a chance.

He is truly priceless.  Best wishes, Cindy


::: Thunder :::

Our boy Thunder happy with his new friend, Gussie. :)

Thunder and Gussie


::: Gracelin :::

I just wanted to update you on how Gracelin is doing! He is doing fantastic, and I absolutely love him, he is the sweetest bunny.
– Jessica


::: Cashew :::

Cashew CollageCashew is awesome!!! Love him and his sweet personality!! He loves exploring, has gotten used to our dog gabby, and came to my school and loved the children! I’ve attached a few pics!

[PS: Paul Simon is across the street with my neighbor, Barbara. He’s so sweet!!]
::: Meeko & Lily :::

Meeko and Lily
::: Elsa :::

I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that Elsa is doing well!  As you can see from the picture the bunnies are getting closer everyday – they have started grooming each other as well.  Elsa is working on her litter box, she’s pretty good but still needs a little work, if you have any tips please send them our way!

Thank you so much for all of your help in finding Bunny the friend that he deserves. The work that you and Gainesville Rabbit Rescue undertake is amazing, we feel lucky to have found you all!

Laura & Thann Blanchard
:: Van Gogh ::

Van Gogh


Just wanted to tell you that Van Gogh has been making himself at home and is adjusting well to our home and family. We are so thankful for him and would like to thank you once again for helping us find the perfect rabbit.


cinnabun b::  Caleese Girl ::
[formerly Cinnabun]

Hi Kathy, an update on Caleese Girl, (formerly known as Cinnabun) and Mitter Bunny, (our existing house bunny). Let me start by saying we just love and adore our Caleese Girl and so does our Mitter Bunny.  They are now fully bonded and inseparable 24/7, we could not be more thrilled. They are as much a comedy show as they are a sappy love story unfolding daily in front of my eyes, what a complete joy, they make us so very happy.  I am so happy I found Mitter Bunny his forever friend, I could not have done it without you Kathy.  I hope others with a lone bunny’s who can, would consider adding a forever friend with their existing bunny or doing so when adopting two bunnies or maybe adopting an already bonded pair looking for a home. The bonding process takes commitment, time and work but once it is done, oh my, so worth all the effort and now for their lifetime they can share bunny bliss together and neither will ever have a lonely day  and I get to enjoy and adore them both, a win, win for sure!  Caleese Girl has not just bonded with Mitter Bunny but with everyone in the house, she is so super sweet and funny, we just love her.  Calesse is totally loving her cage free life in her bunny room and living room run, sometimes you can just see her freeze in thought trying to figure out where to she wants to wonder off to now, before she runs off always with an extra binky in her step, it is to cute. I can’t thank you and GRR enough for helping me find the right girl for Mitter to bond with, your advise and help was invaluable and please forward my thanks to the foster family who helped care for Calessee Girl. Thank you for all you do Kathy for GRR, for so many bunnies who need help and rescue and for helping all us folks who are looking for somebunny to love.

Kindest Regards, Laura, Mitter Bunny & Calesse Girl. *:D big grin

cinnabun a____________________________________________________________

:: Silky::

Silky Adopted
Hi Kathy! He is doing great. He loves running around our place and LOVES his cage…I usually leave it open for him when I’m there so he has the option of coming in and out. Doing great with his litter box. He is very mischievous and I love him so much. He seems really happy and comfortable. Thank you for everything.

:: Tori ::






This is Tori & 2Bit living their Hoppy Ever After dream. Their mom says “They are so wonderful together.  Tori Lets me pet her everyday now.”

:: Rocket & Bun Bun ::
IMG_8571 IMG_8572





Previous rescue bunny, Paddington, is now called Rocket and is loving his forever home and new BFF, BunBun.  They have moved to New York and their mom is now volunteering at a Bunny Rescue in NY! Yay!


:: Gus & CC ::

Gus and CCHere is Gus and his pal CC. Gus came to us from Key West SPCA and found a fabulous forever home in Orlando. You can also follow the adorable antics of Gus and CC if you ‘hop’ over and like their Facebook Page.

:: Alex ::

AlexThis is Alex, a former Gainesville rabbit rescue resident. He is fat, happy and full of personality! Loves taking selfies and playing tag. This guy is very vocal and grunts when he’s happy or excited. He has found is furever home with us and in our hearts! We are very grateful to you for saving him… For us!
– Carmen


:: Gentry ::

Gentry CollageMy name is Kat and I recently adopted Gentry from you (January, I think). I just wanted to give you an update on him! He spent his first birthday (May 5) binkying around the apartment which is one of his favorite things to do. He also likes to spend his time running just as fast as he can throughout our living room and dining room! He and our cat Dakota get along well despite their differences in species. Gentry also enjoys special treats like parsley. He was definitely meant to be a house rabbit, he absolutely hates bedtime even though he has a big habitat! He is very curious and adventurous and we enjoy having him be a part of our family!  Thank you for helping us find the perfect rabbit for our family.

~ Kat

:: Cherish & Sugar ::
Cherish CollageKathy, thank you so much for all that you do.  Cherish is getting along famously with Sugar.  They’re so happy.

:: Totoro [formerly Zeke] ::

Both bunnies are doing well and moved in together full time on Friday… After several days of dating/supervised evening playtime, you could just tell they had each other all figured out and really enjoyed their company. They’d flop out next to each other, groom together and eat peacefully together. So far so good… Totoro is definitely a lounge bunny like you said, he likes to hang out on the second floor or on the cardboard box a lot. But he and Kiki do exploring together too :) They get some willow ball toys to destroy every other day!

Totoro is still warming up to me, he’s friendly and docile but a little skittish overall. We are so glad to have him in our family and thank you very much for taking care of him until we found him!


:: Apollo ::

Here is Apollo, totally flopped out with his new girl. So wonderful seeing our rescues so relaxed in their new furever home. xoxo


:: Godiva ::

IMG_0468Here is a sweet picture of Godiva enjoying her first Christmas in her furever home.

:: Fuzzy ::
Fuzzy CollageI’ve had Fuzzy now for a few months and I thought you might be interested in an update!

We went to the vet in December and they said he is the perfect rabbit (which we already knew 😉 ). I think he likes our apartment for the most part. He acts like the king of the castle and has many favorite places throughout the living room and under my bed. He can be found sitting in the middle of the couch, frequently. The only thing he doesn’t like are the linoleum floors in the kitchen and front door area. When he tries to explore these areas he keeps his back feet on the carpet and stretches out as far as he can with his front feet. He hates being picked up, but will run up to anyone sitting still and let them pet his head until he falls asleep. Lastly, he loves being in his pen. I call it his bedroom. Even when its open and he’s free to roam, he runs in there to rest when he’s tired of his other hiding places.

He is the perfect rabbit, I love him to death, and I’m so happy I was able to find him.

I hope you are well, have a great week!
~ Kylie



:: Mr Chubby Cheeks ::

PicMonkey CollageHi Kathy, Here is Mr Chubby Cheeks in all his shedding glory.  I have gotten two rabbits out of him so far. He is a joy we love him!  Thank you for all you do for the little guys and girls, and all the big guys and girls. ~ Chubb’s and Gail

:: Princess Maribella (formerly Winkin) ::
Winkin CollageWinken now goes by the name Maribella and I am so blessed to have her in my life.


:: Kahlua ::

image(1) imageHere is a picture of last year’s adoptee, Kahlua now Leia, in the Colorado snow. I put her on a blanket but she was soon bounding through the snow like a pro! She was loving it! – Gretchen

Watch a video of her snow adventure here —>  Kahlua Video

:: Coco [formerly Columbia] ::
Columbia Collage
I adopted Coco (previously Columbia) about a month and a half ago now and just wanted to give you an update on her. From day one, she has been incredibly sweet and fits right in with my boyfriend and I. Though she was quite shy when I first met her at GRR, her personality has blossomed and only continues to develop. With each passing day, Coco finds new ways to entertain us and win our hearts over.

Upon discovering fresh fruits and veggies the binkies were endless! Coco enjoys her Oxbow haystacks and seemingly endless supply of cardboard goodies. For right now, her best friend is the teddy bear that she has groomed to death. She loves zooming around the house and going into her multiple “vacation homes” (boxes set up around our place). Coco will jump up onto the couch while we are on it and “dig” at the blankets until we lift them up for her to “burrito” in…she is definitely a cuddle bun when she wants to be!

I have to say thank you for being so incredibly helpful during the adoption process and for giving me such great information. I love spreading the knowledge about bunnies and their quirky personalities, intelligence and undeniable cuteness as they are such an underestimated pet. The very first day we got her we let her roam…she was in our laps, exploring and flopping to her heart’s content! She isn’t a fan of hardwood floors so she is the queen of the carpeted living room. At first, she pooped all over the place (which we forgave her for as she was marking her territory) but within just a few days of her free-roaming, it stayed in her cage from then on.

As first time bun owners we are so happy with Coco and so glad to have gotten her from GRR. I am a strict advocate for Gainesville Rabbit Rescue and preach about how you know each and every one of your individual rescues personalities, likes and dislikes. It definitely helped the adoption process be simple, enjoyable and heart-warmingly personable.

Attached are some pictures of her adapting to her new furever home! Thank you so much again for our furry bundle of joy!

Hoppy new year! :)

Christina, Manolo & Coco

:: Everett ::

Just want to let you all know Everett is doing amazing! He adjusted really well and is getting really comfortable here. He went for a check up to check his eye last week and the vet said he looks great! She couldn’t believe how docile he was. He loves to set with us on the couch and is so good with his litter box. He hardly ever makes a mess in his crate at all. Thank you so much for taking such great care of him!
Meghan and Everett


:: Houston ::

Houston is doing great! I think he’s fully adjusted to his new home. We let him roam around in the morning and evening, and he stays in a large cage during the day. He loves wandering around or stretching out in front of the TV! We feed him leafy greens and hay and he doesn’t really care for pellets. Overall I think he’s doing really well and we are super happy to have him!


:: Elliot ::

He is doing FABULOUS. I renamed him Tucker (he gets called Tuck a lot) and him and Posey are sincerely best friends.  He’s such a delight. Couldn’t have asked for a better fit for my family. He’s such a love bug and so entertaining. His favorite thing is running across the room and flying onto my couch (which is a big sectional, so he has plenty of room to run). I wish you could see how happy he seems :) In fact, you are welcome to come by sometime and see him.  I’m pretty convinced that God had him picked out for us. He has helped me a lot since I lost Oliver because I missed that loving bunny so much and he’s helped Posey come out of his shell more. I can’t thank you enough for this little guy. He’s completed my household.

Hope all is well with you!

:: Bandit ::

Just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with our new little friend. He seems to be settling in great.
– Margretta Family

Bruno AKA The Milkman


Thanks so much for checking in on Bruno! He’s doing great J He seems to be having a really good time exploring his room. He has 3 different hidey boxes and a lot of toys – he loves to toss toys!
He decided that he likes Oxbow “Adult Rabbit” pellets just fine. I’m not sure of his weight (guessing maybe 5 or 6 lbs), so I give him ¼ cup of pellets at dinner time. In the morning he likes either Spring Mix greens, Romaine or Kale. Not sure if he has had the Oxbow Papaya tablets before but he has decided he likes them (I give him one tablet in halves before bed time). He is great with his litter box and has plenty of hay – I keep it in his litter box for him as well as in the “play pen” that he likes to sit in. He kept flipping over every water bowl I would put out so finally I found a really heavy-bottom bowl and he hasn’t been able to flip it. :) He is very very sweet and playful. Usually when he sees me he comes running over so it is hard to get a really good picture but here are a few recent ones.

:: Romeo ::

Thank you so much again for everything today! We are so happy with our new member of our family! He is very sweet and has been adapting extremely well. He’ll be getting lots of love and attention from us every day. Attached are photos of his little area of the house. He really loves to dig around in the pet bed.  Thank you for helping bunnies, and for helping us!
-Valerie and Luke

:: Azariah ::  [formerly Pokey]

First off he wouldn’t respond to the name ‘Pokey.’ Didn’t matter what you did or treat you tried. But in talking about him, his qualities and his past, we happened to mention the name Azariah (ah-zah-ree-ah) and his ears moved around and he came to us.  I asked him, “Is that your name? Do you want to be called that?” and he gave me a little nudge with his nose. So there we have it. :) We call him Azi or Zarie for short.


Secondly, he’s very happy. Since the first day he’s been making bonds with the pups. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. One of the Shih Tzu, Micha, and he already touched noses and he let Micha give him a huge kiss. He’s very sweet and smart, and uses his litter box well trying to keep everything tidy. He even did a little redecorating yesterday. Thank you for taking care of Azariah, we’re happy to have brought him to his home.

Best Regards.

:: Jack ::
Hi there. I wanted to let you know that Jack (formerly Phoenix) is doing really well. He completed all his antibiotics and is in recovery mode. He’s doing probiotics and simethicone for a while and we have to be extra careful about fresh greens and keeping life stress-free. He seems much happier now and it so active. He’s finally grooming Noggin as well. While he was sick, Noggin would lovingly groom him but we never saw him return the favor, now he is and it’s very sweet to see. When they nap or go to sleep at night, they do so cuddled together with Jack’s chin on Noggin’s back. He’s all about playing and loves being carried around so that he can explore with you. He often will run into your foot at full speed to get your attention.
:: Belle ::

Check out our sweet Belle with her new boy Peanut!

Hi Kathy! Just wanted to send a photo of tonight’s successful socialization! He even kissed her face!
~ Crystal

:: Bowie ::

He is such a precious boy, had to share! He adores our cats and our doggie, Miley! ~ Barbara

* Please note, not all dogs are rabbit-friendly**


:: MoonPie & Frankie ::

Just wanted to let you know everything is working out wonderfully. Frankie and MoonPie are now best of friends. MoonPie certainly is a very sweet little guy. Hope all your weekend events went well.


:: Gus [with CC] ::

Gus & CC are grooming each other and have their own space. Gus is such a little sweetheart and is fully settled in. He’s found his forever home. :)

Thanks again for ALL that you do for all the buns!

– Christine & Cindy


:: Stevie ::
Stevie is fantastic! Him and Rosie are getting along great and he’s really warming up to us. He likes doing binkies in the living room.  Check him out!

>>> Stevie Video


:: Lightning ::

Just thought of GRR and wanted to say a quick hello to you and everyone else. Hope all is well!! As you can see, Lightning is quite relaxed living near the beach here in St. Pete :)

~ Sally


Channel & Candyman

They are doing great.  They have a large space in our home office with access to the rest of the home during the day.  They get along great with the cats and dogs. One of their favorite things is our old Barbie house which is in the office. We like to say they have a “condo in a gated community”.   Thanks again for what you do we really do enjoy our bunnies! _________________________________________________


Here’s that photo of Tank and the cats. I love this big guy so much, thank you for not giving up on him! You really do some amazing work with the rescue.


From Jillian:  As we celebrate our first anniversary as a family in my forever home, I look back and am very grateful to my friends at GRR for rescuing me, Justin & our  babies on that freezing cold night in January 2012 from the outside cage in Waldo where we had been abandoned.  I am also grateful to all the GRR volunteers who took care of us over the 6+ months that it took for all of us to get adopted into our forever homes.
I am enjoying my life now, and have become quite the little camper bunny. You see, unlike those “meanies” who put us in a cage & left us, my new parents are firm believers in doing everything, including traveling, as a family. We have a little RV, which I think stands for “Rabbit Vehicle”, and they recently bought a screen room for me so that I can get fresh air & more exercise/out time when we are camping. I think my mom is sending a picture of me in the screen room (if she can figure it out) when we were camping a few months ago.
I’m sure GRR has found loving homes for my babies, and if any of their new parents see this, please give my love (and maybe a treat) to January, June & Joy from their birth mom.  I will remember you and love you always. Maybe your new moms could post a note so I know how you’re doing.
To GRR, thank you once again for everything you do for us.

~ Jillian

Janis Hoplin [formerly Cuddles]

The bun on the right is Janis Hoplin, formerly knows as Cuddles. She is now in her forever home with her sweetheart, Otis McFluffyfeets. She and Otis have their own room in the house and the door is usually open so they are welcome to free roam the house. She enjoys daily fresh greens & herbs from a garden that grows outside her & Otis’ window. She is shy & enjoys staying in the room redecorating ;0)


Daisey & Olivia

Hello GRR from Daisey and Olivia!  Our Mommy and Daddy brought us home forever to Jacksonville on March 30, 2013, as true Easter bunnies.  As with most bonded pairs, our unique personalities have added color and joy to our new home, and we are settling in very well.  We love our new veterinarian (Dr. Marnie Knight at the Exotic Bird Hospital) and doing great in our new environment.  Mommy goes to the farmers market to get us fresh cilantro, parsley, kale and other green yummies each week. Grooming and exercise outside of our room (shown in the photo) are awesome times to ‘bink’ about and learn new tricks.  We are the best hay-eaters EVER and love our Oxbow tablets for a goodnight treat.  I (Daisey) give the most splendid bunny kisses wherever Mommy and Daddy say ‘hi’ and my sister (Olivia) is the calm and sweet that everyone seeks to be greeted with in their days.
Thank you GRR for all you did to get us settled with a family who loves us so much!


Angel [formerly Saree]

Good morning! This morning I gave my little Angel her greens and a little banana. As I enter her room she gets excited and wants to see what I brought her. After eating a bit of parsley, she wanted to be petted for a few minutes. Then she goes and licks my leg and comes back up to my hand and lays with her legs sticking out (trust). A little bit later, she gets up and really shows trust – she “flops” down on her side exposing her belly. She allowed me to rub her belly a little. From my experience with bunnies, flopping down and allowing you to rub their belly shows a lot of trust. It makes me happy to know that by licking me and grooming me – she likes/loves me and that she is trusting me. It warms my heart that she is happy and content and that she feels safe and loved.

Hope you have a great day, Cal

Izari [now bonded with Marnie]

I just wanted to give you a little update on Marnie and Izari.  They seem to be becoming good friends.  They are free in the house now and Izari usually follows Marnie wherever she goes.  I think they’ve agreed that Marnie is the boss….ha ha.  During a good part of the day they are under the bed in the guest room having their quiet sleep time.  Early morning, late afternoon, and evening, they are out and about playing, eating, etc.  We’ve had them outside a couple of times on leashes and Izari seems to really enjoy the time hopping around outdoors and digging.  Izari has made himself at home and seems to be comfortable learning his way around the house.  I think the bonding is going well.  They don’t spend 100% of their time together, but probably close to it.
Thank you again for all your help and for that sweet little boy, Izari.  He is such a sweet, precious, boy.  Speaking of that sweet boy, he just showed up at the food bowl to have a snack.  :-)


Boo Boo [ formerly Malibu ]

We wanted to give you an update on Malibu – or “Boo Boo” as she is now affectionately called by us.  Boo Boo has totally captured the hearts of our entire family.  It has been so neat to see her change from a pure white bunny with all the really cool black and gray markings.  She brings us incredible amount of joy and entertainment, whether she is hopping and sliding across our hardware floors, or standing on her hind legs by the refrigerator to beg for a bit more cilantro or parsley.  She loves to be petted, craves snuggles and freely give kisses.  If you let her, she will even lick your entire face!
We are so grateful to GRR for allowing us to adopt our Boo Boo.
~ The Hazel Family


Cinny   [ formerly Peanut ]

Just wanted to up date you on how Cinny is doing. She fits into this family perfectly! She has become relaxed around us (even falls fully asleep!) and does amazing binkys and bunny 500s all around the living room. She loves it when I wake up and feed her yummy breakfast of a spinach and cilantro. She is even learning to come when I call her and has made under the Christmas tree, behind grandpa’s rocking chair and under my bed her special hang out places. It took some time to teach her that carpet and mats are not bunny food, but after some training and cardboard substitutes she seems to have figured it out. She and I have had some really nice bonding time; I lay next to her and rub her head and listen to her purr, and when I stop she wiggles her head back under my hand which makes me so happy. She is an absolute joy, she brings smiles to all of the family and has become a special member of this family. Thank you so much for your help and for bringing her into our lives.

The Dyer Family


Willis & Binker [ formerly Willis & Jewel ]

Willis & Binker are great.  Jewel is now Binker.  They are still a bit shy, but I am hand feeding them, so that helps. There’s a bunny vet close to my house.  He said they are healthy and well. Peace and thanks for my wonderful pair.




Keeper has been such a blessing to us.  We still find it amazing that someone could have dumped her at the local pound.  She is a smart, big, beautiful bunny with so much love to give.  She loves showing off her tricks and cuteness to the customers that come into our store and we can’t help but brag about all her endearing qualities.  She brings joy to us and to all of our customers. Thank you so much for taking her into GRR and for allowing us to adopt her.

~ Faith & crew at Generations Home Furnishings in Orlando.


Ranger (Now Remy)


Hi! Just wanted you to know that Ranger aka Remy is doing very well. He loves to come out in the den with us in the evenings and is just great with his litterbox. He is eating a good variety of foods, including Timothy hay, and enjoys his fruit bit treat in the morning. Really a sweet bun and he’s got his own special personality.
If you are ever in Jax for a Petsmart event , let me know if you’d like some help.
Sincerely, Mary Ellen Cook

Baby Bear

Baby Bear was found and rescued from a retention pond by State Prisoners out mowing.  He was taken to the nearest house as they thought he belonged there.  While this was not his family, it still was his lucky day as the woman who lived there worked with one of GRR’s foster moms and volunteers.  She just brought him to the elementary school where they worked.  The little ones in first grade named him Baby Bear and were very happy to share their morning Cheerios with him. Baby Bear (Bear) is now adopted into a great home and is still the sweetest bear we know !


Holland and Java


Holland and Java are doing GREAT! They have settled in really nicely and are super comfortable with us now. They also get along with the other pets. Holland even likes to torment the cat! He hops all around the apartment when we are home. He will follow us into the bathroom or the kitchen. I’ll turn around and he’ll be right there behind me. Java is a little more reserved. She goes under the couch a lot but she does come out to play quite often, it just takes her longer to get warmed up. She is such a sweetheart though! It’s funny too, for some reason she really doesn’t like hopping on the linoleum so she sticks to the carpet while Holland inspects every inch of our apartment :) We love our bunnies so much! I hope the two of you are doing well!

-Libby and Jason
Lightning Bug –> Penny

Dear Leslie, I just wanted to update you on how we are doing. I renamed Lightning Bug, her name is now Penny because I thought the name really suit her and I have always liked it. Penny is such a joy to have around and my mom, brother, and I love her so much. She has been welcoming me home after work and school and she runs around in my room until she wears herself out. At first she was very nervous and scared but it didn’t take her long to warm up to her new home. Whenever she is out of her pen she loves to thump and binky around or lay down being my mirror, she is so adorable. You probably already know, but whenever I take a treat bag out she loves to jump and sniff all over me until she gets a treat, it always makes me laugh.

I am eternally grateful to the rescue and especially you for letting me have her, she is just what I was missing and I am so happy to have her. I attached some pictures to this email for you to take a look at as well. I hope you enjoy and you will be hearing from us again soon.

Thank you so much again.
Love, Sarah and Penny



I just wanted to drop you a line and say hi from me an’ tha buns. That Leroy has absolutely stolen our hearts! He’s such a sweet boy. And he and Miss Willis are such a loving couple…..nary a spat between ’em! I planted a garden for us in a baby pool that was being thrown out…..so I’m sharing fresh cilantro, parsley, kale and lettuces with them. I’ll attach a photo for you.
One of Leroy’s favorite games is “come chase me out of the garage”, where I “accidentally” leave the door open, he runs in and heads for some back corner under a shelf and I come in and flush him out of his hiding spot and chase him back out to his area. I think he would do it all day long if I indulged him! Even my husband has been won over to the bunnies… and he was originally a hard sell on them. And even though it makes him crazy sometimes, he is fairly tolerant of the bits of hay and layer of fur that decorates much of the house.
Thanks again, Kathy, for what you’re doing for the rabbits and for making it possible for us to have sweet Mr. Leroy in our family!
Butterscotch was rescued by the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue when her ‘time was up’ at another shelter.  My husband and I were looking for a bunny and saw Butterscotch at an adoption day.  As soon as I held her, I knew she would be ours.
There wasn’t much known about her past, but I vowed to make her future a bright one.  She has done the same for us.  Butterscotch is a happy and playful bunny.  She has a roomy condo and play area where she loves to run around.  I can’t begin to tell you how much she has enriched our lives with her charming and sweet personality.  In the morning, she greets me and waits for her fresh greens.  If I am not fast enough for her liking, she boxes me to let me know her disapproval.  She is also great company for me when my husband travels.
We adopted Butterscotch a year ago today and can’t imagine our lives without her. Her real birthday is unknown, so we picked today since it’s the anniversary of her adoption.
Happy Birthday, Butterscotch.  We love you!
Miss Tickle
We are having sooooo much fun with Miss Tickle.  Now she has picked up a new trick.  The purple pillow that you see in the picture above is my travel pillow, it has beans in it.  It just happened to be on the floor one day and she started playing with it.  She rolled it all the way over to her favorite spot in the room and laid her head on it for a little bunny nap.  Then she rolled it right back out in the middle of the floor.  LOL!  I am amazed at how smart she is.  Now she likes me to throw it out in the middle of the floor and she will roll it back up to me.  She is the smartest rabbit I have ever seen.  I am going to get it on tape and send it to funniest videos.
Well, just thought that you might like to hear some more about her.
Thanks again for bringing her into our lives.
~ Patti M.

Vinny Bunnerino
Vinny came from a local shelter with a mouth that our vet described as a “train wreck” He had numerous health issues and our vet determined he had been neglected for the first five years if his life. When we rescued him he was the saddest, sickest bunny we had ever seen.Due to his ongoing dental issues, Dr. Emerson made the decision he would be a sanctuary bunny and stay in permanent foster care as he was now a special needs bunny. I was honored to be his “Foster Mom”.
After numerous teeth extractions, dental surgeries and a host of other procedures…he came through like a champ. His personality shone brighter and brighter. This once sick, shy boy was gaining a reputation! Everyone loves Vinny…and he loved everybody!
He attended many of our events and was featured in many articles and videos. In the midst of his “popularity” he continued to need surgeries and was and stayed on a diet of mush formula because he was unable to eat hay. He always popped back and was called our “Superstar”. He greeted visitors at the door and knew no strangers. He was our mascot.
He was so loving we brought him to nursing homes for pet therapy where in spite of his own special needs, he brought much joy to the residents! He brought many smiles to their faces. He was just the most loving little boy. He never showed pain and if I thought he was just a little off it was usually a large abscess. He was a trooper…well one last surgery to remove the last five teeth…… After numerous kisses and hugs and well wishes from his Face Book fans…sadly our “Superstar” didn’t make it. It was a long surgery and there were numerous abscesses this time. We were devastated. We are still mourning.
My husband and I are blessed to be able to have loved and care for this special needs boy who loved despite his own issues…if only for a year and a half, he was loved. .He truly had a gentle heart and a valiant spirit….we miss you Vinny.
Liz and David  


Tiffany and Family


Bosley was adopted by us.  He was abandoned at a vet’s office in Orlando.  He was a ticklish ex-show rabbit.  Because he twitched when he was touched he was abandoned.  With love and care he no longer twitches when he is handled.  He has an extreme dislike of white animals which is amusing to us since he is primarily white.  He loves to sit on top of Zippy (the parakeet) who is fond of pulling Bosley’s whiskers.

Susan Ann Tipton and Family


Imo was owned by a lady who became pregnant and was unable to clean his litterbox so she was going to dump him.  We fostered him for over a year before he was adopted by a young man and his girl friend in Orlando.  They wanted an active bunny.  He is that for them.  He now has a free roam of their apartment with his own condo area.  They say he loves to snuggle.  He does not understand when they want to sleep in and bangs his food dishes until they get up.
Susan   _________________________________________________________________________________
We had the most wonderful 12 pound floppy earred rabbit named Peanut Bunny. Peanut Bunny was very special.  She bonded with my son, who was 12 at the time we brought her home. Every night Peanut Bunny would sit beside Aaron and groom him. After 3 1/2 years she became sick and was sick on and off for about 9mos. While she was sick, I did a lot of internet searches on rabbits to see what I could do to help her. In those internet searches I came across the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue site. I thought what a nice idea to rescue rabbits.  I vowed to make sure the next bunny I bring into my home would be a bunny that did not have a “forever” home. In February of 2010 we lost our Peanut Bunny at the age of 4yrs old. In March of 2010 we adopted Daisy, a black and white bunny with helicopter ears. Daisy was scheduled to be euthanized due to aggressive behavior before the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue took her in.  Her foster moms took very good and loving care of her, showing her not to be afraid, and thus stopping the aggression. I have to say they did a wonderful job. Daisy is the sweetest bunny ever! She wants to be loved on all the time. Daisy has become a central part of our family. Every morning she rushes to me to be pet and fed greens- okay to be fed greens and then be pet. Every evening she comes over to us and lays down beside us as if to say, “it is time to pet me!” She will want you to pet her for hours on end, yawning and stretching every so often and then settling down to be pet again. What a great addition to our family. After some consideration we decided to open our home to help other rabbits. Currently we have 3 forever bunnies and 4 foster bunnies. Our home is filled to the brim with bunny love!


Star & Shadow
Star was transferred into rescue from a local shelter because her time was up there.  As we did not have a foster family available, she was placed in our emergency facility which is a farm setting.  As she was unspayed and was unable to get the personal attention that she needed there, she developed aggressive tendencies.  When a fosterer became available, Star was placed in a loving home and was spayed.  From that point on, she quickly blossomed into one of the sweetest, cuddliest bunnies ever.


I’ve had Chester for nearly a year and I adopted him from a rescue in Tampa. I was drawn to him because he was a mere 2.5lbs and he had an adorable white nose. When I realized he really needed a companion I began searching. For a few months I owned a 7lb rabbit that a friend gave me but the two buns didn’t seem to get along, even after several months. They merely tolerated each others existence (and the 7lb rabbit had a tendency to steal Chester’s food no matter how much I gave her). After passing her on to another friend I began my search for Chester’s perfect wifey. I needed a bun near his size and I was ecstatic when I found Jasmine. The two buns together look like bookends. Their white markings run in opposite directions and they both have that trademark white nose! Not only are they adorable but they are perfect compliments. Chester is extremely active and barely tolerates being held and groomed but he’ll sit forever getting head rubs. Jasmine is wonderfully cuddly and exactly what I was looking for in a compliment for Chester. I can’t believe I was lucky to find such a wonderful bun. Even after just a few days they were snuggling and grooming each other. I couldn’t be happier.
From New Mom Carrie Bow


Molly Bunny was abandoned in a return bin for dogs. She was taken to the shelter extremely dirty, urine burns on her feet, underweight, and pregnant. Within a day she gave birth to seven babies. Molly and her babies were placed in foster care the next day. Although the babies did not make it, Molly did. She was a very sick and shy bunny at first. With urgent medical care, plenty of love, and much attention Molly blossomed into a carefree, curious, and outgoing bunny.
Her new mom, Alisha, is wonderful. Alisha says Molly’s doing great!!  Molly loves the kids. She sleeps under the table and comes out to explore every now and then, but when the kids come home she follows them around playing and looking to be pet. She is hopping around the house as a super cute pumpkin for Halloween, not minding the costume a bit.  Anson, Molly’s dad, came home one day from after work and found Molly passed out sound asleep on her back with her legs stretched out. He had to wake her because he was worried that she was dead. Molly’s definitely gotten more comfortable in our home flopping about, although this includes taking control of the remote control. She definitely loves to eat the rubber buttons off remote controls making it guessing game as to which buttons are which. We accidentally left it out. She turned it into her chew toy and fast too. I think she got most the buttons off in less than a minute. She has brought lots of joy to our home and done great with other people. We had two of our friends over the other night for dinner and cards. Molly bounced around the living room making sure to visit everyone twice, if not more. She is really cute when Anson’s not home, I’ll be sitting in the living room with her and she loves to sit up on the living room window sill looking out. I always send Anson pictures of her telling him to hurry home, Molly’s looking for him.
We found a great match for our family though the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue and you guys are amazing for what you do.
From Mom Alisha


Hoppy Ending for Blackjack
Hi my name is Blackjack. I am a black, male, mini rex and I was adopted in August of 2010. I now live in a small, 2 bedroom condo with my new family consisting of my mom, my grandma, my cat-brother Moe, my cat-sister Squeaky, and my new foster sister Poppy! I am so happy that I finally have a family who knows how to spoil me! I stay really busy running around the house, chasing my siblings, and playing in the yard, but I recently went out into the workforce in effort to recruit volunteers and potential foster families. I have been working hard at spreading the word about rabbits, the common misunderstanding people have about us, and the lack of homes there are for all my adoptable friends. I have to say that I am really great at what I do. People of all ages are drawn to me and I tell them all about Gainesville Rabbit Rescue. I cannot go 5 minutes in public without someone approaching me in the store, driving by, or in the parking lot. I put in a lot of hours, but I really do not mind the attention. I figure it is about time people realize how great we all are… I am very excited that fall is approaching and am looking forward to the cooler weather. Halloween will be here before we know it and I already have my costume. I am going to be a pumpkin and I cannot wait for you all to see me in it. Yesterday while I was working I ran into a photographer and she begged me to do a photo shoot with her. There were so many good shots it was really hard to choose. Expect to see my new headshots in the next couple weeks. I am so happy to have a forever home and will continue to work hard so that all my furry friends can have the same happiness and success that I have had.


Hoppy Ending for Marley

Hi, my name is Barbara, and i am the college student that adopted
Marley from you guys about 5 months ago. I just wanted to give you guys
a quick update on how Marley is doing. To start off, i guess i should
say that we are very grateful for being able to adopt Marley, as he is
the most lovable, fun bunny ever. He is so active, and it only took him
about a week after coming home with us to start showing his true
colors! He is always so excited when we come home and let him run
around, and he is quite an explorer! Every chew toy we ever get him is
always gnawed through in less than two or three days, and when he
destroys his toys, he goes hopping around, looking for other things to
gnaw on. He learns very quickly, and he even learned to hop on my
chair, then onto my table, and from there onto my bed! He doesn’t enjoy
being held too much, but he loves being petted, which is the most
adorable thing ever! He loves to eat, and we always make sure to have
plenty of tasty snacks for him. I recently took him on a trip to visit
my family, and he thrived with all the attention he was getting from
everyone! He is a joy to have, and we just wanted to let you know that
he is healthy and happy!

~ Barbara R.