Hoppy Endings for Blackjack

Hi my name is Blackjack. I am a black, male, mini rex and I was adopted in August of 2010. I now live in a small, 2 bedroom condo with my new family consisting of my mom, my grandma, my cat-brother Moe, my cat-sister Squeaky, and my new foster sister Poppy! I am so happy that I finally have a family who knows how to spoil me! I stay really busy running around the house, chasing my siblings, and playing in the yard, but I recently went out into the workforce in effort to recruit volunteers and potential foster families. I have been working hard at spreading the word about rabbits, the common misunderstanding people have about us, and the lack of homes there are for all my adoptable friends. I have to say that I am really great at what I do. People of all ages are drawn to me and I tell them all about Gainesville Rabbit Rescue. I cannot go 5 minutes in public without someone approaching me in the store, driving by, or in the parking lot. I put in a lot of hours, but I really do not mind the attention. I figure it is about time people realize how great we all areā€¦ I am very excited that fall is approaching and am looking forward to the cooler weather. Halloween will be here before we know it and I already have my costume. I am going to be a pumpkin and I cannot wait for you all to see me in it. Yesterday while I was working I ran into a photographer and she begged me to do a photo shoot with her. There were so many good shots it was really hard to choose. Expect to see my new headshots in the next couple weeks. I am so happy to have a forever home and will continue to work hard so that all my furry friends can have the same happiness and success that I have had.